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Not Scared Rhoma, Andar Claims Lawyer Hotman is Stupid

Dangdut Singer Inul Daratista tell bring in 'The King of Dangdut' Rhoma Irama as a witness in the trial alleged copyright infringement. Rhoma indeed have its own capacity as Chairman of the Works  Indonesia (KCI). When the polecat of the plan, the power law Situmorang Andar confess not tremble.

"Please just. Good dong it means, do get added. But what Dangdut relationship with the pirate song. Although he was the head of KCI, but I did not register my songs to YKCI or KCI. That's illegal organization that is never audited," said Andar when contacted, on Tuesday (28 / 4).

While in the polecat Rhoma figures who have become legends, Andar will not explain with the Rhoma never fear. According to him, with the Rhoma only thinkable as a witness - akalan lawyers Inul, Hotman Paris Hutapea.

"Jusuf Kalla just afraid if I do not really true, this again Rhoma Irama. Dispose of any waste of time, because this maneuver is Hotman Paris." said Andar .

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