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Ridho Rhoma Brisk PTC

PALEMBANG - "The fruit will not fall far from the tree". Proverbial long this may be appropriate when addressed to the talents of young performers and talented Ridho Irama.Ridho, the youngest son of King Dangdut H.Rhoma Irama, with SONET 2 (read: SONET Two ) band, yesterday (17 / 3) the atrium Palembang Trade Center (PTC) mall. Presence, as one of the star guests at the event KDI 6 audition that has entered phase ended. rhythmic song for a song Dangdut is sing by Ridho. Hundreds of visitors also took sway. Opened with the song Dewa Cinta, the vocalist Ridho crew is very compact with 2 band sonnet, Ricky (guitar), Moamar Kadafi (bass), Bisri (drums), Dany (keyboard), and Adi (tabla / perkusi) a touch of rock music to create more Indo men a certain kind of face that, get a warm welcome young servant, especially womenfolk. Consecutive songs he singing Cinta Segitiga and "Menunggu" which is now more hits. "Wah, exactly like Rhoma Irama, both twisted and style. Of course, he will fly, "babble Sandra, a mother-the mother who confessed very like songs from this Ridho Irama.

"How are you Plembang wong? We SONET Band 2 has been shown here. Thank you for atensi you really really gay here. Do not forget to buy our latest album, "Ridho screaming, men aged 20 years ago, the hysterical greeted the visitors who attend.
In addition to SONET Ridho and band 2, a number of guest stars also appear. A course, pedangdut Erie Susan, Wulan KDI, Kiki KDI, Rahman and KDI.
Meanwhile, after a series of selection of a total of 1065 participants in the audition KDI 6, selected five participants (see table) are entitled to represent the city of Palembang in the event Gerbang KDI. They stated pass the selection test stage, the test also includes interviews sensitivity test tone

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