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Rhoma: Dangdut No Plebeian!

Dangdut music now so consumption is not only a few people, even abroad Dangdut has started to hear his echo. It was disclosed Rhoma Irama found on the sidelines taking pictures for the "EMPAT LAWAN SATU" in the Studio Palem Kemang, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (7 / 4).

musicians that have been used as the King of Dangdut is invited to foreign countries. Up the invitation, Rhoma confess that the people interested in the music world who has a typical twisted through this.

"They were interested in the Dangdut, According to Professor Andrew, Dangdut music interesting because they create new music they hear. And I explained that there Dangdut music is not just entertainment, but its lyrics that needs a global world, "said Rhoma

So how about the opinion of the people as Dangdut music village? Problem is, confessed Rhoma indifferently. "Because India is a large village. If I spelled out the new plebeian not accept. Because rock music is not only harmonious music also so plebeian, "accuse him.

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