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Recognize Arreal Tilghman

"Bule" singing Dangdut even make the Dangdut album even though many have over the language of some songs Dangdut existing in indonesian ? Other story times yes. Is Arreal Tilghman, and the guy who was born in a large country that is also the center of all of the different types of music, from hip-hop, rnb, rock n roll, and all the good type that can see in the normal ear until I can see in the ear is unnormal. Arreal tilghman tempted by Dangdut so he heard the song "darah muda" of creation H. Rhoma Irama and when a competition was held in the United States with the title "Dangdut in America" then the Register and this arreal appeared unexpectedly .. he holds as a champion. According to the newspaper that he was now completing an album consisting of ten songs are good songs in a translation into English or is a new song

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