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Inul "Ngidam" Ridho Irama

Previously Inul Daratista and Rhoma Irama been hostile. Now Inul not want to keep old wounds. Evidence of abortion in the age of entry to the eight months Inul "ngidam" Ridho Irama, the son of the king Dangdut.

"I ngidam Ridho Irama" said while laughing at Inul found after mencontreng TPS 91 in Pondok Indah, Kelurahan Pondok Pinang, South Jakarta, Thursday (9/4/2009).

Despite the new singer, Inul confess like Ridho Irama. "He is funny, especially nose, not the origin of a beard aja, even later, such as Bang Haji," said Inul.

When asked concerning conflict with the Rhoma Irama, Inul select smiling. He immediately shifts his attention, if not patiently awaiting the birth of first child.

"Insya Allah, May"


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