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Be preceded by fear, Rhoma The Patent Dangdut

The King of Dangdut Indonesia, Rhoma Irama, intend patent Dangdut music recognized before other countries. "I want to make patents Dangdut was claimed yesterday as Malaysia and Singapore," says Rhoma as released Wednesday (4/2/2009). In addition to patent intend Dangdut, the father of Ridho Irama Dangdut is determined to introduce overseas. He Dangdut Indonesia want to go international. Not only with a concert abroad, as it traveled recently in the United States, also plans to invite Rhoma Dangdut singer origin United States, Arreal Tilghman, for the duet with her son kan, Ridho Irama. Rhoma even have to prepare a song to be duet different country

Rhoma intention, of course, is not rejected by potential Arreal who currently reside in Indonesia to promote the album. His blond singer gimbal This has long made the Bang Haji ( Rhoma familiar call) as Idol.

Arreal Tilghman is a champion in the event competition "Dangdut in America" which was held in the U.S. years ago. Event initiated by NSR Productions LLC with the support PAMMI (United Artists and Musicians Melayu Indonesia).

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