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Sone2Band, Dangdut Second Revolution

Pamor Dangdut fall. At least, its indications for 2008 show that no one song Dangdut that exploded in the market. See this fact, the King of Dangdut Rhoma Irama not stand idle. He took the initiative to form a group with Sone2Band Dangdut music. In the lift as the other performers are not children Rhoma, Ridho Irama. According Ridho, Sone2Band was formed to raise the image of Dangdut music. "This idea to make papa a revolution in music Dangdut," said Ridho after the launch of the album Dangdut In America in Jakarta, recently.

The statement justified Ridho Bang Haji - Rhoma familiar greeting. As known, a few years Dangdut met with a female vocalist and act "brave." This is considered to make Dangdut marginalized and considered as the only music is able to sensualitas body weight women. "We hope that with this second revolution, Dangdut can stand back in line with friends other musicians," says Rhoma.

Outside the music business, Ridho terbebani confess the name of the father. Moreover, the fact that polygamy Rhoma learn a lot that's said about ibunda Ridho. "Many of my news italics, for example, whom my mother," said Ridho. Consequently, Ridho had repeatedly said, his mother is Marwah Ali

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