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Pemkab have supported the candidate KDI 6

Audition contest Dangdut Indonesia (KDI) 6 TPI has been implemented in the District Landak Saturday (21 / 3) ago. Finally on the audition that followed the 15 candidate successfully select two participants to the free zone diloloskan to Jakarta 28 March. He is Halimah and Nurul. "But a little disappointed with our Pemkab Landak not respond to the activities performed by Board Artists Film Indonesia (Parfi) Kalbar Landak in this," said Farida Chairman Parfi Kalbar journalist in candidate selection at Hotel Restaurant loom Landak, Saturday (21 / 3).
According to him, it should respond Pemkab prestigious event which was held one of the television station that is working with the TPI Parfi Kalbar this, because it aims to dig to the talent and merngembangkannya National ketingkat. "Because we have put Landak after the audition is not lost with the other districts such as beauty, Sekadau, Sintang Intan and the Earth has become a talented daughter who Dangdut stars of the future, namely Nurul Halimah and successful as the winners in the audition KDI-6 is," Farida said.
Once again, expect to Farida Pemkab Landak departure to support the candidate of the two will follow in the Free Zone in Jakarta, Saturday (28 / 3) future. At least, he added, Pemkab Landak can support both moral and fund my departure. "Due to be pitied, when talent is the best daughter in the Landak is not accompanied by a high support from the community and their own government Regency Landak to Jakarta to attend the free zone, so the name does not Landak kalahdengan other districts in the West Kalimantan," Farida demolished.

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