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Julia Perez " Belah Duren "

Julia Perez was born with the name of Yuli Rachmawati in Jakarta, July 15th1980. The Star which is chummy to be called Jupe start her career pass job training as an secretary in a private enterprise and have a time to continue the education in Dutch. The recognizing with man model Damien Perez ( Yusuf Perez), then become his husband, open early opportunity of herself come up as magazine model FHM and Maxim in French. At 2002-2003 the star frequently come up the section and start to be recognized in fatherland pass sinetron CINTA LOKASI, KOMEDI NAKAL, Coast guard and also LEPAS MALAM that get the nomination of 100 sexy woman of FHM and Maxim magazine version. Jupe, now fixed in Indonesia and staring many sinetron among others, MAAFKAN AKU, KEJAR MAYA, RAHASIA ILAHI, HIDAYAH, DOA, MIMPI MANIS, PEREMPUAN TERANIAYA and become the advertisement star a number of products.

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  1. gile ndut dangdut.. dapet darimana alamat FSna ?
    saran broth, kalo bisa semua artis dangdut publikasikan FSna. wokey???